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Welcome to our IT Managed Services, your hands-on tech ally. Based in Portugal, we understand IT from the ground up. Our straightforward approach ensures project success, customizing solutions for your tech needs. Choose flexibility, collaborate effortlessly from architecture to development. Your practical IT journey starts here.

Our focus is to help our partners and clients optimize their IT infrastructure and operations.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch IT services that are specifically tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each partner's sector of activity. In adopting our IT Service Management approach, we prioritize the delivery of services that are finely aligned with the distinctive requirements of individual companies.

By keeping the specific goals and characteristics of each partner in mind, we aim to ensure that our IT solutions not only meet industry standards but also contribute significantly to the overall success and efficiency of our partners' businesses

Our IT service management program is based on industry standards and best practices and includes a robust governance model:


IT Service Management is the process of managing the delivery of IT services to customers from beginning to end. The core belief behind IT Service Management is the reliance of IT delivered as a service. Our IT services are designed to help organizations stay current and effective. We work with our clients to understand their unique needs and requirements, and then we develop a customized IT strategy that is tailored to their specific requirements.


In order to develop a customized solution, we adopted a governance model that guarantees that all IT services are delivered in a consistent and efficient manner. This includes managing the service delivery process, managing service level agreement, and managing the service level objectives.


Knowing this, our job begins in the definition of strategy, but goes beyond that, all the way through onboarding, employee management – the entirety of the project’s governance. An efficient governance model in IT should take into care strategic alignment, performance management, resource management, risk management, and quality of deliverables.

IT Managed Services Process


We assemble a team, as well as a resource allocation plan.


We setup a plan for how sprints will be presented and delivered. You can have as much or as little involvement on the project as you wish after the definition of requirements and infrastructure and process setup.


All resources, supervision, and talent management will be offered by Smart.

Our governance model certifies that all IT services are delivered in a consistent, controlled, and efficient manner.

Certified Training

Personalized Training

Regular Follow-ups

IT Managed Services Governance Model

We guarantee the quality of our deliverables with daily work monitoring. IT services can be complex, as such, it is important to have visibility in every step of the way, allowing us to monitor, identify and address any issue that may arise, as to ensure that we can make any adjustments if needed.

This ensures that all IT services are delivered in harmony with the organization's IT service management policies and procedures and that the needs of our clients are taken into account.

These follow-ups occur between our Business Managers and Clients, as well as with our Business Managers and Employees, and with our HR Team. This model is followed through from the project’s beginning until the final delivery of the project.