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Welcome to Smart IT Solutions, where precision meets innovation.
Based in Portugal, we epitomize IT excellence. Our full-cycle model ensures project success, tailoring solutions to your tech needs. Choose flexibility, collaborating at every step from architecture to development.

Smart Consulting’s IT solutions delivery model counts on an architectural team to assemble all-in-one projects.
Our IT Solutions are our full cycle delivery process in which we assemble development teams to assess a project from beginning to end, delivering a ready to go solution fit for your technological needs.

We count on a talent pool of IT professionals differing in fields of knowledge and of application, which enables a better feel of the scope and an easier application of the best practices in software development, bringing a greater guarantee of success.

We have a flexible approach, allowing our clients to hire services with either complete or partial cycles.

Custom Software Development

Custom software development refers to the development of software applications tailored specifically to the unique needs and requirements of a particular company or organization.

Turnkey projects

The turnkey model refers to a complete, turnkey project in which all stages from planning to implementation have been carried out by the consultant. This term is often used in situations where a complete solution is delivered to the client.

End to End

End to end projects encompass both Turnkey and Custom Software Development. This type of delivery model is very popular among clients seeking a holistic approach to IT solutions.

IT Solutions Process


With Smart IT Solutions, we define requirements together, we trace a roadmap for the project where we encompass every sprint, from project architecture to the development.


All resources will be provided by Smart, just like infrastructure, day-to-day development, supervision, and talent management.

Why should you chose Smart as your IT partner?


Innovation and Adaptability

We analyze and investigate the emerging practices and trends daily, so that we can keep contributing with the best, and most innovative ideas and solutions. We stand by an adaptive style and methods, rooted in bold, dynamic teams.


Training and Development

We ally the most modern technologies with the most agile methodologies in order to deliver the forward-looking solutions. We constantly invest in our employees through multidisciplinary training sessions, which allows us to offer a complete technological service and to present innovative solutions to our clients.



We use agile methodologies in a cross-sectional manner in both our management and development teams. We do so with a high control of KPIs, which allows for a high level of reaction and adaptation.


User Experience

We focus on user experience throughout the gathering of requirements. We do so by relying on Design Thinking and UX professionals in all our projects that so require.


Interaction Design

Highlight on interface design with thought-out behavior and logical actions, which allow for good experiences between users and products.


Cloud Computing

We use cloud solutions with high availability which enable flexibility when it comes to our client’s infrastructure resources’ management.

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