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Where collaboration meets innovation.

At Smart Consulting, we redefine teamwork with our TaaS service. We offer two delivery models tailored to your unique needs: Dedicated Team and Extended Team.

In a world where digital transformation is a constant, we are committed to the successful implementation of our partners' IT strategies.

Through our Team-as-a-Service model, we offer high-quality, fully customized technological solutions to meet the specific needs of each organization.

The advantages of choosing our TaaS service

Staying at the cutting edge of technology

The digital space is constantly evolving. Relying on an IT consulting company that values and offers continuous training to its employees is the key to keeping up with market trends and new technologies.


IT markets are highly competitive and difficult to explore. One of the advantages of partnering with Smart Consulting is the access to our pool of talented candidates - a time-saving solution for internal recruitment.


At Smart Consulting, you can adapt our services to your specific needs, whether you need our support for a one-off project or for ongoing services.

We deliver high-quality IT solutions to our clients.

Team-as-a-Service Delivery Models


Dedicated Team

Thanks to their specialized skills, our dedicated team is committed to the success of your project from start to finish.


Extended Team

We meet the specific needs of each phase of your project, offering scalable resources and ensuring an efficient and economically viable evolution.

Why We Stand Out


Technical Validation

We want to guarantee we find the perfect solution for your needs. We count on a team of technology experts that are assessed with the help of Codility, our main tool for technical validation.


Tech Coverage

Our IT consultants are well-versed in several technologies – we offer specialization as much as variety.



With our Smart Academy and Smart Sessions programs, we offer continuous training to all our employees, ensuring their constant evolution.


Quick Identification of Candidates

Thanks to our precise recruitment, we are able to identify candidates quickly and efficiently, taking into account your needs and your work approach.


Team Flexibility

We value the comfort of all parties involved. As such, we allow the team to be scalable and flexible as is most convenient for our partners.


Regular Follow-ups

We provide ongoing support for all our consultants through calls and regular meetings to ensure the best quality of work.


Coaching & Mentoring

An IT consultant who has been in project for a longer time can mentor and coach new consultants who are joining the team to guarantee a smooth embark.



We focus on mobility to keep our team motivated. In certain cases, when a project ends, we activate our program Smart Move to guarantee the transfer of consultants from one project to another.

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